BK: I feel like he’s archetype manly man that you tend to draw. 

JdS: He’s like the dude that when I was a 12-year-old kid drawing barbarians, “This is the coolest guy ever.”

TH: James Remar does the voice and he’s really into thinking of this as him.

MDD: He’s an awesome actor. He brings a great gravitas as Tonraq.

JdS: You totally believe he’s about to mess you up.

BK: I think I had heard that Gina Carano’s dad was in the NFL or something and she was this MMA fighter. And definitely, Korra was inspired by female MMA fighters. Joaquim and I are big MMA fans and when I had heard that her dad was this linebacker or something, that gave us the idea for Korra’s dad. It makes sense. She’s this really athletic person. One of her parents would be this big, brawny athlete-type dude but we wanted to give him this sensitivity. He’s not just this oaf who hands and fists everything. He’s a tender guy. And he really cares about his daughter. He just wants her to be happy and take care of her. 

TH: He just wants a quiet life down here in the south. 

BK: It’s not his fault he’s SO handsome and buff.

.-TLOK 2.02 with Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Joaquim dos Santos, & Tim Hedrick